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Well, June now, I guess.

I joined Joely Sue Burkhart’s writing challenge in the hopes of finishing the first pass of revisions on my WiP.

Fifth weekly update…yeah, epic fail.

I knew going in this section needed the most work and sadly I was sidetracked with a lot of family stuff. I know I won’t be finished by Thursday (last day of school for the wee beasties) but I’m keeping on. I’m now crossing fingers that I’ll at least get through Act Two, part two before Thursday 🙂

To make it accountable, I said:

  • Act One (16K) the first week
  • Act Two, part one (16K) the second week
  • Act Two, part two (16K) the third week
  • Act Three (16K) the forth week

How did working toward your goals go this week?