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Well, June now 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Wishing you a day spent with your loved ones!

I joined Joely Sue Burkhart’s writing challenge in the hopes of finishing the first pass of revisions on my WiP.

Seventh weekly update…the dog days of summer are here 🙂 And we’re having fun with the new dog. However, my 5 to 6 am writing time has become dog walking time to beat the heat (we’ve been in triple digits all week). I’ve also fallen behind in commenting on everyone’s blogs though I have been reading through Google reader never fear…I hope I can catch up this week.

On the revision front, I’m calling Act two, part two done for now. I’m still shy of my word count goal but realized I was adding words for the sake of word count rather than improving the story. I’ve moved onto Act three this weekend. :crossing fingers: it goes smoother than this last section!

To make it accountable, I said:

  • Act One (16K) the first week — done (over the 16K goal by about 100 words)
  • Act Two, part one (16K) the second week — done (shy of the 16K goal by about 600 words)
  • Act Two, part two (16K) the third week
  • Act Three (16K) the forth week

How did working toward your goals go this week?