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Well, June now 🙂

I joined Joely Sue Burkhart’s writing challenge in the hopes of finishing the first pass of revisions on my WiP.

Eighth weekly update…revision pass uno is done and off to my first reader!  Whee…

To make it accountable, I said:

  • Act One (16K) the first week — This section ended up at 16,399 words.
  • Act Two, part one (16K) the second week — This section ended up at 16,449 words.
  • Act Two, part two (16K) the third week — This section was short by quite a bit, ended up at 12,276 words. As I mentioned this was the section that gave me the most trouble and will likely need the most reworking.
  • Act Three (16K) the forth week — This section was also short, ended up at 13, 576 words, but feels right despite the fact I’ll likely have to rework it.

I had been aiming for a first draft between 62K-64K and this came in at 58,700.  I’m okay with that.  Now, what to work on next… 🙂

How did working toward your goals go this week?