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Ha! The dreaded interview question. At least that’s what I’ve gleaned from reading various author interviews.

I was asked this question earlier this week.

Was that a shiver of dread?


For me, it meant someone was taking me seriously.

Yes, my bio says “aspiring romance author” (which Kristen Lamb says is a no-no) but for me that’s more I’m aspiring to become a published romance author. I’m a writer. And having someone ask me the classic “where do you find your inspiration” question…well, shiver of excitement moment, folks.

Where does any artist find their inspiration?

Um, in the world around us!

The weather.

After a recent thunder storm I captured this…

The Eye of God? The Universe? Or something darker?

All sorts of inspiration came from this one photo. I free wrote ideas for fifteen minutes after I took it and when I’ve got time to explore a new shiny I’ll pull that paper out.


Happening across this drawing, Selkie Moon, by Jade N. Bengco prompted me to write a Selkie story for National Novel Writing Month a few years ago.

The story sucks rocks at the moment (didn’t make NaNo that year). However, I love the Selkie myth. I plan to revisit it and hopefully rewrite it one day.

Drawings and sketches, collages, etchings, pottery, pictures, sculptures, etc. Perhaps even crafts like cross-stitching, crocheting and knitting, quilting, and certainly scrapbooking.

What about music? Movies?

(I’m a Phantom fangirl. Not just the Gerard Butler version — though admittedly he’s not hard on the eyes 😉 — but that’s another post.)


How about this one?

I was sitting at my parents, enjoying that first cup of coffee before everyone woke up, and happened to see this out the window. (Yes, they live in a log “cabin” on a river.)


People watching. Family.

I’d love to hear where you find your inspiration 🙂