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One of the reasons I joined the Campaign was in the hopes it would help me get into a more frequent blogging schedule. Something I’ve wanted to do since starting the blog but with all four of the wee beasties home for the summer…well, family trumps blog. But all four went back to school yesterday thus the timing of this Campaign, in a word, perfect.

The Campaign is broken down into a number of groups aiming for about 25 participants in each. You can get the details on Rachael Harrie’s blog. Sign-ups close tomorrow. I elected to join two groups this first time around. (This list will likely get updated over the course of the week as the groups won’t be finalized until Friday.)

The Romance/Contemporary Romance/Sweet Romance/Historical Romance genre groups:

  1. Raquel Byrnes
  2. Dora Hiers
  3. Liz
  4. Cassandra
  5. L’Aussie Denise
  6. Julie Fedderson
  7. Melanie Stanford
  8. Angela Cothran
  9. Sheery Hall
  10. Francine Howarth
  11. Angelina Rain
  12. Katie Dodge
  13. Brittany
  14. Debra Erfert
  15. Myne Whitman
  16. Marcia Richards
  17. Maggie Fechner
  18. Claire Robyns
  19. Trisha
  20. Vanessa Hancock
  21. Madeleine
  22. Bri Clark
  23. Meika
  24. Gwendolyn Gage
  25. E Barrett
  26. Brynne Betz
  27. The Writing Well Project
  28. Melanie
  29. Kerrin Hearfield
  30. Ann Ormond Fennell
  31. D.J. Kirby
  32. Allie Wilde
  33. Tracy Krauss
  34. Misty Moncur
  35. Heather Justesen
  36. Tara Watson
  37. Romance & Beyond
  38. Kerry Freeman
  39. Nadja Notariani

The Erotic Fiction genre group:

  1. Tiger Gray
  2. Miho Li
  3. Jamila Jamison
  4. Vivien Weaver
  5. Lucy V Morgan
  6. Romance & Beyond
  7. Sasha Conte
  8. Jana Denardo
  9. Kerry Freeman
  10. Kharisma Rhayne

Of these people, I only “know” Angelina Rain whom I’ve been following for awhile (sorry I haven’t been better about commenting Angelina), so lots of new-to-me people. I spent a good chunk of the weekend following on Twitter, friending on Facebook, getting all these blogs set-up in my Google Reader, and visiting to say, “Hi.” I’m looking forward to this challenge and getting to know a whole bunch of new folks.

Do you love a challenge? I’d love to hear your favorites.