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With the two-legged beasties away at school, the four-legged beasties keep me company while I plug away at one WiP or other. It took a couple days for beastie girl to settle in with the program but we’re once again on track πŸ™‚

First came the tribbles…er…piglets. #2 beastie had asked Santa for a Guinea Pig and the big guy delivered one, and a spare. They have an adorable squeak used to say, “Hello.”

Of course, that squeak also says, “Hark, the human opened the refrigerator, and you know what that means…treats!” They do come in handy when one needs to clean out the garden beds for new planting. Much like Maria Zannini’s chickens πŸ™‚

Next came beastie girl. A co-worker of My Guy’s needed to re-home her. Softy that My Guy is, we opened our home to her. She’s my shadow (or maybe with all that white ghost would be better). We girls have to stick together, after all, in this sea of testosterone.

I imagine she’s saying, “A little to the left…awww…Thanks.”

She gets along amazingly well with the piglets though we never expected this well!

That softy recently came home with these little guys one night. Good thing we still had the fish tank, LOL



We’ve never had aquatic turtles before so this is a fun learning experience.





Who do you share your space with?