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There’s something about Scotland that just screams romance to me. And I can’t be the only one. Have you seen the number of scantily clad kilted men gracing the covers in your local bookstore lately? Yum. It’s not just historical or time-travel anymore, we’ve got paranormal and fantasy too. One day I’d like to write a Scottish romance. Whether setting it in Scotland or just having Scottish characters. Is it the land, or the people, or the accent? (They think ours is delightful I’m told.) I just get a tug for all things Scottish, and I don’t think it’s the ancestry.

I used to be a contributing member of my local Highland Games association before kids and the day-to-day overwhelmed me, a move out of state didn’t help either. Watch rippling muscle on the athletics as they fight to balance a telephone pole then toss the thing so it lands at 12 o’clock to the competitor’s 6 o’clock — true sport, it’s called a Caber Toss — and tell me you don’t find a Scottish man sexy. Or, a bonnie lass kicking up her heels dancing a Highland Reel to the bagpipes.

Aw, the bagpipes. Y’all can call me crazy but bagpipes are haunting and beautiful. To hear Amazing Grace played at sunset on a boardwalk will bring tears to your eyes whether you are religious or not, Christian or not. And what’s more romantic than walking arm in arm with the one who makes your heart sing at sunset, on a boardwalk?

Kilt, n. – a costume sometimes worn by Scotsmen in America and Americans in Scotland. ~Ambrose Bierce

The land. Sigh. The land is magical. I have no idea how a country roughly the size of the state of Oregon but with three times the population can retain such an untamed quality. It’s ancient. It has a presence of its own. And I haven’t even stepped foot on it yet. I will one day. Wonder if I can talk That Man into a trip :taps finger against chin: After all, I could claim the trip was for research. It would be a tax write off, right?

I’d love to hear what land or people scream romance to you?