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My imago of Wonder Mum is completely smashed. Does that mean seven years of bad luck like a broken mirror? I hope not!

I didn’t get the flash fiction piece I wrote for the Second Campaigner Challenge polished last night and scheduled for today because I went to a meeting with #1 beastie. He’s going to the Pali Institute in the spring on a three day school field trip. Cool stuff 🙂

That Man ran late getting home from work. We arrived late to the meeting thus received a higher number. And THAT made us some of the last to get out of the meeting. Synchronicity or synchronicity fail? Where’s Jung when you need him?

Dinner was at 8 o’clock last night…3 of the 4 beasties’ bedtimes. Parent fail. Sigh. I should have planned a crock pot meal.

Reading with #4 and #3 beasties last night fell into a lacuna.

Today I’m walking around in a miasma and #2 beastie just handed me a Student Council essay to proof :headdesk:


At least, I got those tricky words in here with the mirror bonus. Can I bore you for another few words to make 200? Thanks. I think I’m done and #135 on the challenge list.