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Let’s talk books!

This is my version of Lynn Viehl’s 3 Books feature.

Just Read

The Wallflower by Jan Freed, paperback

Why I picked it up: I read Patti O’Shea’s review and was intrigued.

What I liked: The idea of going back to high school and being one of the “elite” appealed to me. Sarah, the heroine, gets to do this. Her relationship with the other kids was one of the best pieces of the story as she helps them live up to their potential.

What I disliked: This is an older book so some of it is a little outdated but not anything I’d call a true dislike.


Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy, hardcover

Why I picked it up: Kristen Lamb mentioned it in her time management post back in April. I’ve had less than stellar luck with books of this sort so I’ve been waiting for a used copy, which arrived Saturday.

What I like: There are some gems like “20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results.” He also explains the idea behind ABCDE prioritizing in a way that resonates with me better than others have.

What I dislike: Sadly, this feels a lot like every other time management book in the history of man. So far, I’m not getting a powerful “ah-ha” sensation.

Will Read

Save The Cat! by Blake Snyder, paperback

Why I picked this up: Is there an author out there NOT recommending this?

What I expect to like: I’ve already read some about his “beats” online so I’m looking forward to gaining a better knowledge of the system.

What I expect to dislike: Hmm…can’t think of anything. I’ve enjoyed his blog so I imagine I’ll enjoy the book.

What are you reading and loving at the moment?