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  1. Write 250 words per day, 5 days a week, on fantasy piece.
    • Sunday: Big ol’ goose egg but I did say 5 days a week.
    • Monday: Yikes, another goose egg, better get cracking.
    • Tuesday: Okay, blog commenting took over my writing time. I may get some words in after the wee beasties go to bed but as of scheduling this post time, another zero.
  2. Blog twice a week, not counting ROW80 updates.
    • Check. Wrote and scheduled these Sunday.
  3. Comment on 3 blogs per day.
    • Sunday: Check.
    • Monday: Check. Actually blew this out of the water trying to check-in with all the other ROWers.
    • Tuesday: Check. Another blowing out of the water day as I continued to check-in with all the other ROWers.
  4. Update Twitter and Facebook 3 times a week, not counting new blog posts.
    • Twitter: Bust so far.
    • Facebook: Bust so far.

I’m thinking I’m going to limit myself to just the Sunday check-ins. A summary post once a week sounds better.

Okay, there’s a #ROW80 Twitter party going on…catch y’all later πŸ˜€