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  1. Okay ladies, last week’s gentle reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month was pathetic, I mean pathetic, compared to this gem, These Hot Men Are Concerned About Your Breasts, I found over at Kat Latham’s Reader, I Created Himblog.

    :le drool:

    Done? Good. Now go check out the rest of Kat’s post, it is very thought provoking.

    Back? Oh, you got sidetracked by the video again. No, worries, I’ll wait πŸ˜€

  2. For those of you interested in using Tarot in your writing, check out Jenna Reynolds’ new Plotting & Brainstorming with the Tarot class. It starts on Sunday, October 23th, and runs for a week. She’ll be rolling out brand new Tarot spreads.
  3. And in the weird joys of motherhood, littlest beastie swallowed a marble during art on Wednesday. I’ve been watching for it to work its way through. With all four potty-trained, I really thought I was done dealing with poop, LOL.On the serious side though, I wasn’t sure how long to wait. Happily the marble appeared yesterday.
  4. On the wordage front, I wrote all but one day this week and on that one day I did some tweaking of the act. So I still worked on the fantasy piece everyday…win.
    • Monday: 717 words
    • Tuesday: 282 words
    • Wednesday: 513 words
    • Thursday: no new words but fixed plot problem in act one
    • Friday: 314 words
    • And in a surprise move — Saturday: 755 words πŸ˜€
  5. On the social media front, I commented on 3-5 blogs every day, except Saturday. I also updated Facebook and Twitter the minimum 3 times this week.
  6. I changed things up a bit this week. I got up at 5am every morning and that gave me 45 minutes to an hour of D&E writing. I prefer D&E writing for new wordage but haven’t been doing it because I need to walk beastie girl before it gets too hot. Well, with fall in the air and the dark mornings, the dog walks can be later in the morning. This week has been a total win on writing first then walking the dog…all of which is happening before the crazy of everyone getting up and needing to get out of the house. Another couple weeks of this and, wow, maybe a new habit will be born.
  7. Ack! I have a teen in the house. We’ve been in birthday mode most of this weekend.