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  1. First up, a huge congrats to my friend Maria Zannini and her latest self-pub release Chain of Souls which is book two of her Second Chances series. Whoot. I can’t wait to start reading this!
  2. Jenna’s Plotting and Brainstorming with the Tarot class started today. Whoot!
  3. I had the pleasure of getting to know Deena, the force behind Drollerie Press, during the first, and only, Coyote Con. She was extremely helpful and supportive. Sadly, on Friday, Drollerie Press officially closed their doors due to her health. I wish Deena all the best and hope she can regain her health. Sending positive thoughts your way Deena.
  4. On the wordage front, I started the week strong but ended on a whimper.
    • Monday: 726 words
    • Tuesday: 442 words
    • Wednesday: 621 words

    Yep, that’s it. Whimper, whimper. The thing is, I don’t know why. The story is still pushing me to write it. I have new energy for it after fixing some plot issues in Act one. But it’s not making it to the page. Sigh. Tomorrow is the start of a new week.

  5. The lack of wordage also applied to the 3rd Campaigner Challenge: Show not Tell. With the challenge ending tomorrow, I just don’t see myself pulling something out of my arse hat like I did with the 2nd Campaigner Challenge. Oh well. It’s been a fascinating experiment and I have a lot of blogs to visit over the next week to cheer on my fellow campaigners who DID do the challenge.
  6. On the social media front, definitely dropped the Twitter and Facebook ball this week. However, I did manage to comment on 3 blogs per day.
  7. On the personal side, this upcoming week is crazy busy.
    • Parent-teacher conferences for three of the four wee beasties.
    • #3 wee beastie needs to go in for a booster shot to be in compliance for school. Sigh. This is why I took everyone in over the summer…or so I thought.
    • And Nevada has a holiday on Friday with Nevada Day. Of course, the school :cough: budget cuts :cough: added Thursday so now the wee beasties are out of school two days this week.

    So a wee bit worried the upcoming week doesn’t bode well for a lot of good writing days.

  8. Writing and scheduling blog posts ahead of time continues to work like a charm. (Except, of course, this one I’m pulling together last minute, LOL)