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Where to start with this post?

Shorter days equal dark, very dark mornings. Our neighborhood doesn’t have streetlights, just the carriage lights on garages, to light the way. Which will only get worse when we “fall back” an hour. So my dog walking has been happening later each morning.

My preferred new word writing is in the dark and early (D&E). So, with ROW80 to inspire me, I’ve switched things up. FIRST writing THEN taking the dog out for her walk SECOND. As long as insomnia stays away, it is working like a charm.

Doing the walk after writing, however, has left my mind strangely open to…well…randomness. And the Dog Walk song.

The song is at 3:55 though the entire episode (1/3, this one, and 3/3) are worth the watch. Classic Muppets 😀

When I take my dog for a walk, he takes me for a run,
dragging me along the street is his idea of fun.

From lamp post to lamp post, we jog along the street,
from tree to tree to fire hydrant, look out lady watch your feet.
~ Dog Walk by Paul Tracey

Long before I ever saw this episode of The Muppet Show, I heard the song. Good family friends had the original album and I have fond memories of singing along with it. At one time I had a cassette (remember those? LOL) copy of the album but that’s been lost over the years.

I went on quite the search. At first I couldn’t remember the artist’s name. Then I happened on something that set the bells off…the artist, Paul Tracey, wrote songs for the original Jim Henson Muppets…and supposedly there was a skit of the Dog Walk. I hunted high and low for that video! And in that hunt came across other videos and Paul Tracey’s website…score!

More time than I should have dedicated to something so random. But now I can share it with you 🙂 The entire Something Else album is full of gems like The Ugly Song

I’m ugly, I’m ugly as sin,
but beautiful’s out, ugly’s in.

If you’re ugly like me, you’re in good company.
There are millions of us who are ugly.
~ The Ugly Song by Paul Tracey

and Daughter of Mine

But I’m so lucky, I’ve time on my side.
So many years before you’re a bride.

And until the day that I give you away,
I’m still the man in your life.
~ Daughter of Mine by Paul Tracey

That family friend I mentioned, sang this to his daughter at her wedding…I get tears in my eyes every time I hear it.

Imagine my absolute joy when I realized I can get his original LP as a CD (#11 on his site)! Yeah, I ordered it. The wee beasties will probably get sick of my playing it.

Now, who (besides me) feels old and remembers those classic Muppet Shows?