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  1. So, a crazy busy week. Two extra days with everyone home really messes with the ol’ mojo πŸ™‚
  2. Blessed Samhain.

    Artwork by Wendy Andrew

    Hope those of you who celebrate Halloween have a fun and safe holiday. I’ll be spending a good chunk of the day at the elementary school in one class party or another.

  3. Jenna Reynolds’ tarot class was fascinating! And I have to admit it distracted me a bit from new wordage this week. On the other hand it may have breathed new life into an old project…score.
  4. I was a little better on the social media front than last week but I’m not sure I met my three updates. I think I hit my goal of commenting on at least three blogs a day with the exception of Saturday.
  5. On the wordage front, definitely didn’t meet my goal. I actually lost a few words when I rewrote a scene in a different POV. Sigh.
  6. Still maintaining the writing and scheduling of blog posts a head of time. Actually have drafts for most of November that just need fine tuning. You’d think I was getting ready for NaNo or something, LOL.
  7. Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I wish all of you taking part a hearty, “Good luck!”