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  1. Ugh! That “falling back” an hour is killing me.
  2. Yes, you see that NaNoWriMo up in the title. Yes, I MUST be crazy. I had no, zilch, nada, zero plans to participate this year. Home life, it is crazy, Lucy.
    But then the evil …er… amazing Jenny Hansen talked about Scrivener — I have lusted after the windows version of this program since before they even started the beta testing — and darn it all, they’ve gone and dangled a 20% coupon to participants. And if that wasn’t enough of a carrot to get me to join the madness …er… fun again this year, the evil geniuses…er… uber generous folks behind Scrivener are offering a 50% off coupon to NaNo winners.

    How could I pass it up?

    So I’m in, again, and PeachesNCream over there for anyone who needs more buddies ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I downloaded the Scrivener NaNo Trial software and it is living up to my expectations. The only thing that is frustrating me is the program seems to stop working when I have to delete or cut-and-paste large chunks of text. I’m hoping this is just a beta version hiccup that has been worked out of the full, paid for, version.
  4. The plus side of NaNo is that my word count is going up again. Whoot! Maybe not to NaNo standards but to my ROW80 goals…good stuff.
  5. I’ve maintained my writing and scheduling blog posts ahead of time.
  6. I think I’ve commented on a minimum of three blogs per day. And I think I hit my goal of updating Facebook and Twitter at least three times this week.
  7. A huge CONGRATS to Joely for her Romantic Times Award Nomination. Well deserved, my friend.
  8. And we’re in birthday mode again this weekend. #2 beastie had a slumber party last night. Boy slumber parties are a lot like girl slumber parties just with different subjects sending them into fits of laughter. Oh, and a great game: pull out the Nerf guns and send a helium balloon to the top of the stairs as a target. Good stuff!