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  1. First off, a huge thank you to all Veterans — past, present, and future!
  2. Second off…
  3. And how cool is this Interview with Gaian Tarot by Zanna over at Tarot Notes? That’s the deck I’m using in my Meet the Cards series if you haven’t been following the tarot posts. It’s so fun seeing other people’s take on things.
  4. The wee beasties were out of school…again…for two days this week. Veterans Day and a staff development day. They definitely milked it Wednesday night, LOL, you’d have thought it was the last day of school.
  5. There have been some good NaNo days and some not so good.
  6. The ROW80wordage goal is right on track.
    • Monday: 2468
    • Tuesday: 2866
    • Wednesday: 817
    • Thursday: 266
    • Friday: 1498
  7. The Twitter and Facebook goal…not sure if I made the three updates. Though I did have the most fun on Twitter I’ve had in awhile doing timed writing sprints with @joelysue and @MelDFMac Tuesday.
  8. I’m pretty sure I’ve met my commenting on three blogs per day goal. I’ve continued to schedule posts ahead of time with the exception of these Sunday Summary posts.
  9. And I just learned about Take Your Child to a Bookstore…there’s an actual day!

    So mark your calendars for December 3rd and share the love of bookstores with a child.