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  1. Hope everyone who braved Black Friday actually survived.
  2. In honor, or not, of the holiday shopping season, check out Zen Habits No New Gifts Holiday Challenge. One of the suggestions is “Find gratitude for what we already have” — how about the people in our lives? Check out Tiny Buddha’s 50 Ways to Show Gratitude for the People in Your Life.
  3. Per our holiday tradition, we’ve begun to deck the halls. This will continue all week concluding with the tree next weekend. Aw…I love Christmas decorating
  4. And then there’s the music and the movies…
    :happy sigh:
  5. Okay, on to check-in stuff. Facebook and Twitter updates went pretty well this week with me doing “post and run,” LOL. But at least I got them in there.
  6. Blog commenting on a minimum of three blogs a day continues to go well though, for obvious reasons, I didn’t do this on Thursday. I have quite a few posts in various stages of drafts and need to spend a day replenishing my stash of scheduled posts. I do have this upcoming week already scheduled so still working with a cushion.
  7. Word count…I’m afraid to look, LOL. I was doing well until Tuesday when the wee beasties succeeded to giving me their cold. :peeks through fingers: 3308 between Sunday and Monday which would be awesome if I’d done any writing since! (I’m scheduling this post Saturday afternoon, so there’s still a slight chance for more words this week. Slight.)
  8. This also means I’ll likely be settling for Scrivener’s 20% off for participants carrot, instead of the 50% off carrot for winners, of NaNo. Aw…well, I’m that much further in my draft, so all good.
  9. This coming week is full of fun stuff.
    We have Ciara Knight’s
    (be sure to come back Thursday to check out which book I choose)
    and Jenny Milchman’s

    What’s on your agenda this week?