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Once upon a time, Kait Nolan mentioned on her blog something about reading 100 books before attempting to write one. Or something along those lines. I’m a bit on the lazy side as I’m typing this up. Oh heck, let me find the link…Reflections on the Book 100. Anyway, I’ve been stalking following Kait for a few years now and her advice hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Of course she was talking about learning craft while reading. And I wasn’t serious about my writing when I read her first post on the subject. However, I took up the challenge of the 100 books in a year.

I'm nice & warm now!

I even created a lovely spreadsheet :pets Excel: (Here’s an online version if you dare: Book List. I have one sheet for books I’m looking for, one for TBR, and one for read.)

No, beastie girl isn’t part of the whole reading theme here but peeps wanted to see her model the sweater I knitted for her.

How did I do?

Well, as of the typing up of this post…113 for the year.

Some were short stories and novellas. So I made some adjustments. Using 200 as an average page count, 1-70 page books scored a 1/4 point, 71-135 page books scored a 1/2 point, 136-200 page books scored a 3/4 point, thus anything over 200 pages equaled a full point.

How did I do?


LOL, gotta love those partials, but not too shabby.

How much did you read in 2011? Care to join me for 100 in 2012?

~I’m sure someone out there has an actual challenge for this πŸ™‚