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  1. PSA– I received an email from my mother-in-law this week. Apparently, thieves are getting a hold of cell phones in her area then using them to text for important info like pin numbers. Authorities are advising people not to have relationships listed in their contacts (ie: “mom” “honey” “home” etc.) and to be consistent in how the contacts are entered (last, first; first, last initial; etc.). I realized oldest beastie had relationships in his contacts and suspect many people do hence this announcement.Additionally, having worked in the social services arena, I know how important it is to have an ICE (in case of emergency) contact for EMS. Please add one if you don’t already have one. Mine is currently listed as ICE – last name, first name but given the above info I may change it to a simple ICE. Be wary of your technology folks.
  2. The writing: goal was to rewrite/revise 7000 words this week. I completed 6924. Calling that a win πŸ™‚
  3. The blog: two posts plus Sunday Summary/ROW80 post. Check.
  4. The commenting: goal of 3 per day plus 2 new per week. Check, expect for Saturday which ended up being family time.
  5. The social media: goal of 3 updates and 2 retweets per week. I may, that’s a huge may, have met the updates but it was a fail for the retweets.
  6. The health: the extra (my baseline intake is 3-4 glasses) water went well except for Saturday (see above note). The dog walking, not so much.
  7. The parental units are coming…oy, so much to do before they get here, LOL.
  8. As I’ve mentioned, I aim to read 100 books this year. I’m happy to say I read 3 this last week plus beta read a short/flash story.
  9. Not a bad first week of the year. How was yours?