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  1. The Writing: Went real well this week and I’m ahead of where I hoped to be.
  2. The Blogging: Met my posting goal but need to spend some time restocking the scheduled queue πŸ™‚
  3. The Social Media: My biggest challenge, sigh. The blog commenting went well and I think I met my goal of 3 a day plus at least 2 new for the week. I didn’t keep track of the Twitter or the Facebook stuff and know it was another retweet fail week. It’s only the second week, it can only get better, right?
  4. The Health: Doing well with the water, most days getting in an extra two glasses over my three glass baseline. The dog walking, yay, hit it this week though not up to our usual length. I had to cut them short because my toe still hurts when I wear closed toe shoes and it is too cold for flip-flops, LOL, but still got in a half hour each time.
  5. Have you ever reported a drunk driver? Were you afraid to get involved or just not sure you recognized the signs? Natalie Hartford has an excellent post on reporting drunk drivers.
  6. Need insight in to the opposite sex? Check out Jenny Hansen’s A Discussion of Man-Speak and its follow up Another Peek into Man-Speak. Oh, for the safety of your computer, put down your drink first.
  7. Still tweaking your goals? Check out Marcia Richards’ 5 S.M.A.R.T. tips.