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  1. Ugh. It has been one of those weeks folks.
  2. The re-writing has gone okay. I’m behind where I’d hoped to be by the end of this week.
  3. The blogging, oy, still haven’t found time to replenish the ol’ scheduled queue which I really need to do cause this next week promises to be as crazy if not crazier than the one we just finished. And I’m even late today because sleep sounded SO much better last night, LOL
  4. The social media was an epic fail on all counts except strangely the 2 retweets per week. Go figure. I didn’t even get around to my minimum 3 blogs a day.
  5. The health, hmmm, water intake was still good with an average of 2 extra glasses a day. The dog walking was a miss though. We only got out once but we walked for 45 minutes, which is closer to the hour average we had been doing.
  6. I’m running around more like a chicken sans head today than coherent human so I promise I’ll get around to you Rowers tomorrow 🙂
  7. On the up side, I’ll be interviewing Keri Lake on January 31st. She released her debut novel, HALOS: Somnium, back in December.
  8. August McLaughlin bared her soul earlier this week with an awe inspiring, thought provoking, personal story that everyone should read: Does Dirt Have Calories? What an amazing journey, even days after reading, I don’t feel I can express all my thoughts and feelings.
  9. Thank you to Maria Zannini for sharing this…

    Welcome back my friend.