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Justice, karmic balance, is number eleven of the Major Arcana. Some consider eleven a master number because it amplifies ‘one.’ Traditionally, Justice depicts the ‘scales of justice,’ much like the Libra sign.

What I See:

There is so much nature in this card! Endangered species. Destroyed habitat. But there’s balance too. The trees in the background. The river, irrigating the land, nourishing the spirit. And the man as the scales. Love that. Passion vs. Intellect. Karma. I definitely get a sense of weighing our actions against the consequences. I’m reminded of the Martin Luther King quote, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Light (upright) Reading:

It is time to face the consequences of past actions, positive or negative.

  • Keywords: Fairness, Clarity, Impartiality, and Law & Order.

Shadow (upside down or reverse) Reading:

Beware of reaping the outcome of unethical choices and/or bad habits.

  • Keywords: Fickle, Bias, Indecision, and Red Tape.


With that flaming heart and feather, how about a retelling of Ma’at, Goddess of Truth? Or Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice? Perhaps bring the god/dess into modern day. Certainly with the traditional Justice card, the legal system comes to mind.

Perhaps explore injustices against races and/or cultures? This card shows endangered animals and clear cutting, perhaps your story is about the consequences of taking too much.

  • Themes: Karma, Justice, Truth, Cause & Effect, Responsibility, Injustice, Legal Issues, and Actions & Consequences.


Justice asks us to consider the consequences of our actions with each choice.

  • Archetype: Karma, Avenger, or Mediator.

Catalyst Heroes, central figures who act heroically, but do not change much themselves because their main function is to bring about transformation in others. Catalyst Heroes are especially useful in continuing stories [think Lone Ranger and Superman].
Threshold Guardians challenge and test heroes on the path. ~The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler

  • Mythical Figures: Athena, Themis, Metis, Ma’at, Nemesis, and Dike.

The personality enneagram, a nine-pointed array of personality types, might also be a useful reference for character building.

Justice is E2: Helper and/or Giver

  • Self Image — I help
  • Passion — Pride
  • Virtue — Freedom
  • Narcissistic Trap — Service
  • Avoids — Needs
  • Speaking Style — Flattering or Advising

E2 people are relationship oriented. They are concerned with what others think of them, image and prestige. They see themselves as being for others and often believe they know what’s best. They dislike being alone and may feel sad or inadequate.

Additionally, look up one of the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) for personality traits.

…the Justice card might suggest that you need to use a double-edged sword to cut through confusion, eliminate excess verbiage, or get straight to the point. ~Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner

Image: Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert from Llewellyn Worldwide