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  1. My prediction that this week would be crazier than last…yep. Crazy busy. Exorcist head spinning, crazy.
  2. All of which means, this last week was an epic fail on all fronts for ROW80.
  3. The writing…nada.
  4. The blogging…only because most were done beforehand.
  5. The social media…zilch. And I profusely apologize to my fellow ROWers for not getting around to your blogs like I promised.
  6. The health…ROTFL. Take the dog for a walk. Ha! Drink water, well, okay, I didn’t do too bad here.
  7. I’m feeling completely out of the loop. Hope everyone is doing well. Seriously, I’m crossing fingers I’ll be able to catch up with everyone this coming week as we should return to some semblance of normal Tuesday.
  8. Speaking of Tuesday, I’ll be interviewing Keri Lake and to tantalize you, here is the trailer for her debut novel.