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Let’s talk books!

This is my version of Lynn Viehl’s 3 Books feature.

Just Read

Take Me Home by Sloan Parker

Why I picked it up: Actually, I won this one but it’s been on my to-buy list since she first started talking about it on her blog. Sloan was my intro into the M/M world and I probably measure all others by the standard she set.

What I liked: This is a friends to lovers story which has to be one of my favorite romance devises. Both characters are well developed, a good chunk of the story takes place on a train (which I thoroughly enjoyed as both my grandfather and father, for a bit in high school, worked for the railroad), and she wove in a neat little mystery.

What I disliked: One aspect of the mystery seemed extreme even as it was believable. It made for exciting passages but felt a little over the top for a contemporary setting.

Reading (Actually, we’ll have two Just Read this time.)

Somnium (Halos #1) by Keri Lake
You can also check out my interview with Keri Lake.

Why I picked it up: Again, it was on my to-buy list radar but I won this from Keri’s site.

What I liked: This has a strong first person point of view. It satisfied my POV junkie habit beautifully 🙂 Keri has built a fascinating world of angels and demons locked in the classic good vs. evil battle. There’s bit of mystery and enough questions at the end that I’m looking forward to the next book.

What I disliked: There’s a bit of a “love triangle.” Normally I’m all for it, love the tension. This one started out well but ended up too one-sided too soon. And I think the story could have had the same level of suspense and tension without it.

Will Read

That’s a really good question. I’m in the middle of revisions so reading right now isn’t high on the ol’ list. I did just get this in the mail…

The Plot Thickens: 8 Ways to Bring Fiction to Life by Noah Lukeman

Why I picked this up: I’d seen it recommended. It sounded worth a try if I could get my hands on a used copy…which I did.

What I expect to like: The way this book is broken down. Seriously, there’s Characterization: the Outer Life; Characterization: the Inner Life; Applied Characterization; The Journey; Suspense; Conflict; Context; and Transcendency. And in a quick thumb-through, sections within on romance.

What I expect to dislike: Hard to say. I’ve never read anything by Mr. Lukeman before so am coming to this with fresh eyes.

What are you reading and loving at the moment?