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  1. Maria Zannini brought a cool movie, Dimensions, to my attention earlier in the week. Love the premise.
  2. The writing: is off to betas. Scared. Nervous. Excited. Looking forward to learning from the process.
  3. I took a couple days off. But am now in that joyful process…synopsis writing. Thank goodness for resources like Barbara Karmazin’s Outline for Character & Plot Based Synopsis. Synopsis are so MUCH harder to do after the fact and my process is uncovering little things.
  4. I’m not surprised. This MS was very old, as in before I knew about things like character development. A piece I never expected to bring back into the light of day despite loving the idea spark behind it. I knew going in my MC was weak, early beta returns agree, so I’m taking a page from Juliette Wade’s Know Your Character Inside & Out and going to rework the MC.
  5. The blogging: I’m still maintaining that week cushion. I’d like to get it up to two weeks.
  6. I’ve started thinking about my blogiversary coming in April…there will be giveaways πŸ™‚ If you have a book coming out in April, I’d love to do a ‘pimpage’ post so drop me a line, all genres welcome. I’m also open to interviewing. I’d love to have reader related posts for all four Tuesdays of the month.
  7. The social media: well, most of my contributions this last week have been automatic updates. Still horribly behind on the blog commenting but I’m getting back up on that horse.
  8. The health: yay, back on the water bandwagon. Still struggling to get those doggie walks in. We did get out once this week which is better than last week πŸ™‚
  9. I uncovered my desk. Whew. Amazing how much easier it is to work without piles at the elbows!
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