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That’s a wrap for Round 1. How did I do?

My Goals for this Round were:

  1. Rewrite/Revise SFR novella
    • Jan. 2 through Feb. 3: 7000 words per week – Win, though I went a bit beyond the original Feb. 3rd date.
    • Feb. 20 through Mar. 2: Revise based on reader feedback – Yep, though I’m still working on it ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Write two blog posts per week plus a Sunday ROW80 update – Win, with the added benefit of getting into the habit of blogging in advance.
  3. Blog commenting:
    • Comment on a minimum of three blogs per day – Win, though I had a few failures I mostly met this goal.
    • Comment on at least two new blogs per week – Win, I think I only missed this once or twice.
  4. Social Media:
    • Update Twitter and Facebook at least three times per week (not counting blog posts) – Fail, I had a few successes but it was mostly a fail.
    • Retweet at least twice per week – Calling this a win, I got a slow start, had some fails, but I’m finishing strong with this one.
  5. Health:
    • Drink an extra glass of water per day (I’m really bad about this during the winter months, even here in the desert.) – Calling this a win, but still need to work on this.
    • Walk dog three times per week (I broke a toe and need to work back up to seven days a week.) – Fail, definitely more misses than hits on this one.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about this round. Each round teaches me something, points me to new tools, and introduces me to fabulous writers.

What Is ROW80?

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. Kait Nolan, created a flexible, supportive challenge for meeting your writing goals. The people involved are wonderful and are the best cheerleaders you could ever hope to have.

Thank you Kait for ROW80! To my friends, both new and old, thanks so much for your support. I’ll see y’all next month for Round 2. To learn more, or better yet jump on board the next round, visit the ROW80 blog.