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  1. Ooo, look at this trailer from Ciara Knight’s Rise From Darkness
  2. The li’l ol’ blog is turning one in April :throws confetti: and you guys get the gifts. Come back on Tuesday for all the details.
  3. August McLaughlin had fun comparing dogs and people in her Which Pooch are You? post.
  4. So, I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week. No writing or revisions or even brainstorming of the shiny…blah. One thing this last round of ROW80 taught me was that counting words works better for me than counting pages or scenes or chapters. I was talking with Melanie Macek about tracking progress. She counts words even during revisions/edits and I think I’ll be trying that as I move forward.
  5. The funk hasn’t applied to reading. I think I’ll make the reading of craft books more of a priority in Round 2. Roni Loren’s 12 Writer Woes & the Books to Cure Them post is full of great books.
  6. Trying to maintain my ‘health’ goal this week has been laughable. Back to basics with A Small Guide to Big Changes from Tiny Buddha.
  7. I’ll wrap this summary up with a gratitude reminder from Marcy Kennedy’s Does Thank You Mean We Forget? post.