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Can you believe it’s April already?! Happy Sunday everyone, today we kick off the blogiversary :throws confetti:

My MIL sent me this link, the video had me at Scotland πŸ™‚ but this cyclist is ah-mazing!

Goals for Round 2 are:

  1. Writing: So I have a fantasy MS to finish a first draft on, a sci-fi MS to revise, a shiny to brainstorm and plot, and a contemporary MS that needs edits I really want to get back to. Instead of limiting myself to working on one or two, my goal for this Round is to write/revise 250 words (approximately a page) per day.
  2. Reading: I have a yearly goal of 100 books. Of course, reading goes in cycles depending, to a degree, on the writing. I want to read two books on craft this Round, perhaps even plotting the shiny based off one.
  3. Blogging: My blogging goals worked well for me in Round 1 so I’ll continue them in Round 2: write two blog posts in addition to a weekly check-in post, comment on three blogs per day, and comment on two new blogs per week.
  4. Social Media: This is a struggle for me :sigh: For the most part, I think the goals I had last Round work, I just need to apply myself better. So my goals are: three updates (not including blog posts) to Twitter and Facebook each week, share ten blog posts each week, and have at least one conversation. (Started this week with @MarjiLaine and a fun Coke vs. Pepsi conversation, LOL)
  5. Health: My overall goal this year is to get healthier. The plan was to add/change/lose one thing per month. Yeah, that worked last Round…not. Still I think it’s the right approach. January was to be water. February, dog walking. March was sugar reduction. In April I wanted to add yoga or something similar. Well, I need to go back and focus. For this Round my goals are to be drinking 8 glasses of water per day by the end of the Round, be walking the dog 7 days a week by the end of the Round, and to continue with the sugar reduction. If I master the dog walking before the end of the Round I’ll revisit the addition of yoga or similar exercise.

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