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…and I’ll cry if I want to


Lena Corazon and Barbara McDowell are hosting a Throwback themed ROW80 party tomorrow and, happy coincidence, it’s my blogiversay! (Now, while I think of myself as a child of the 60’s, all I have are vague memories of clashing colors and patterns when it comes to my :cough: fashion, and pictures, well that incriminating evidence still resides with the parental units.) And what’s more fun than a BEACH PARTY?!

Kick off your flip-flops. There’s beer and pop in the cooler. We’ll light up the bonfire at sunset.

Let’s get this 1960’s Beach Party started with the Beach Boys…
Maybe some surfing?
And what would a 60’s party be without the Beatles?
Do you feel like dancing yet?


to every last one of you!

Without you, this journey wouldn’t be half as fun.