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  1. The Writing: Still muse-less. I’ve done some morning pages but nothing is being unlocked. I’ve done some work on blog posts. So not a completely writing free week. Since nothing is speaking to me, I decided a class was in order. I started The Art of Developing Great Conflict through Margie Lawson’s Academy on Friday. Unfortunately, my muse-less state is making the very first exercise a challenge!
  2. Roni Loren had a fabulous post on her pre-writing steps which I loved as it feels a lot like what I do but more.
  3. The Reading: I read Rise From Darkness (Battle for Souls) by Ciara Knight. I’d picked it up when it was first released but hadn’t got around to reading it. Then I recommended it to my niece and was grilled for details, LOL. So I read. Still haven’t decided on a craft book but I think the above mentioned class counts.
  4. My friend and mentor, Joely Sue Burkhart has a new release coming out on Tuesday, book three in the Connaghers series. Yours to Take is Vicki’s story. And oh what a story. Additionally, Joely will be stopping by the blog later in the month. Squee!
  5. The Blogging: Check with the initial goal (blog 3 times a week, comment on at least 3 blogs per day, and 2 new blogs each week). And Check with the new goal of writing and scheduling a post toward my month’s worth of posts.
  6. Speaking of blogs, my friend and mentor, Maria Zannini has started a new blog about Getting Back to Basics. She’s going to have tips on budgets, saving on groceries, shopping garage sales, and many, many more subjects.
  7. The Social Media: Not so good on the conversation or non-blog related updates end of this goal. I’m feeling rather uninteresting at the moment, LOL. I’m pretty sure I meet the sharing part though.
  8. The Health: I think I averaged 5 glasses of water a day. As we’ve already jumped above 100 for a few days this year, I really need to focus on getting up to 8 glasses, minimum, and maintaining. Sugar reduction is going a lot easier than I expected. Perhaps because it’s a reduction not a deletion. So using the same mindset, I’m going to add reducing the caffeine as well. I probably drink 6 to 8 caffeinated beverages a day, not counting other caffeine sources. Dog walking went pretty well. We got in 3 quality walks (25 minutes each) plus 2 meet the kids at the bus stop/park kind of walks. Still aiming for the quality walks every morning, baby steps, then increasing the length of time of those morning walks.
  9. The Life List Club blog is full of uplifting and supportive posts. This week’s offering is from Sherry Isaac, Weigh the Method, Relish the Outcome, and I was struck by the question “are you β€˜disturbed’ enough to effect the change?”
  10. To support the awesomeness that is ROW80 you can go HERE