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If you’d asked me that question 20-25 years ago, the answer would have been no. At that point in time the only connection I had with tattoos was a co-worker who was ex-military and an ex-state trooper…and he was COVERED. Not in intricate sleeves but random designs that ran into one another from his wrists to his shoulders. I suspect he had even more than I, as a co-worker, was privy to.

Then I got out in the world more ๐Ÿ˜‰

Which is kinda funny because by the time I’d met said co-worker, I’d already sowed my ‘wild oats’ via partying, bar hopping, etc. by age 21 (I was legal where I lived due to a law change and my date of birth falling under the grandfather cause). I’d been introduced to a gay bar, where my sister was thought to be my date, LOL. And closed the honky tonk bar more times than I can count…the truck stop had the BEST breakfasts! No DUI for me.

Sorry…where was I?

Right. Getting out into the world. Or maybe getting older? Perhaps the stigma lessened. Danica Avet even posted about the tattoo debate recently (which is similar to an experience I had over Easter weekend, LOL). Or seeing sexy men with hot tattoos. There’s something of the ‘bad boy’ in a man sporting a tattoo. Whatever the reason, I started liking tattoos. I started thinking of tattoos as SEXY.

Then I started thinking I’d like to GET one!

Source: Wendy Andrew

As a person of Scottish decent I am drawn to all things Celtic. As a woman I am drawn feminine symbolism, such as the Triple Goddess. Is it any wonder that a Maiden-Mother-Crone tattoo is first on my list?

Of course, tattoos are hugely personal. Certainly not something to enter into lightly. In the end, I think a well-thought out tattoo is SEXY.

How about you? Do you find tattoos sexy? Do you have one? Or do you want to get one?