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I completely forgot to post last week. I’d love to blame it on having a blast with the family. Sure, that was part of it. I had planned to dazzle y’all with some vacation highlights. Even preloaded all the links.

Of course, it was vacation and NOTHING went as planned, LOL

We lost our upstairs A/C, during 115 days…yeah, not pretty. That Man came down with some kind of stomach thing that laid him low for almost three days. And due to the heat, some of the activities we WANTED to do just weren’t gonna happen.

The biggest shock?

I, known paparazzi mum, took not a single picture!

The goal for the week had been to hit some of the things locally we’ve been meaning to since moving here back in 2007. And we did get to Springs Preserve as a part of that. Fabulous. And we in no way saw everything there was to see. Definitely on the must return list.

We also watched a fair amount of movies. Places with A/C were kinda a priority πŸ™‚

Plus we did some usual summer activities like going to the Outdoor Picture Show. We pack a picnic dinner, stake out our spot on the grass (a rather rare commodity here, LOL), eat and enjoy the carousel while we wait for it to get dark enough to watch the movie.

Mostly…I plum lost track of time. That’s my story for not posting last Sunday and I’m stickin’ to it πŸ˜€

Then, this week, what I’ve been itching to have happen, happened.

I’d been importing a story into Scrivener as part of a general Word clean up. These characters never really left me, murmuring in the background, but I KNEW the story needed major work. Possibly an entire rewrite. So, I hadn’t looked at it since I finished it during Joely’s MayNaNo thing two years ago. Actually, that was part of the original Coyote Con. Anyway, a character threw me for a loop. Loved the extra tension it would add to the story but didn’t feel I was at the point to pull it off then. Perhaps I’m still not, but I’ve been sucked back into the story, possibly the first of three stories.

I’ve been so obsessed, I’ve kinda dropped off the face of the Internet. I apologize for not getting around to your blogs or waving at you from Twitter or Facebook. I’m sure it’ll be impossible to catch up on everything y’all have been up to but I will try to at least stop by πŸ™‚

Speaking of blogs, I will be over at Maria’s Back to Basics blog on Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

Title Quote: Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride