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The fabulous Brinda Berry awarded me not one but two awards. Be sure to check out her site and blog where she blogs under the tag: YA Fiction, hang on for a wild ride. If you’re looking for a summer read be sure to check out The Waiting Booth (Whispering Woods) followed by Whisper of Memory (Whispering Woods). I don’t think you’ll regret stepping into Mia’s world.

Brinda, thank you for the awards!

The Sunshine Award

Is You Are My Sunshine playing in your head? Or is that just me?

  • Favorite color: I don’t really have a favorite but I do gravitate toward greens for the house and corals for myself.
  • Favorite animal: I’m an animal lover in general. In the wild, sea otters, they are so playful. For pets, definitely dogs over cats.
  • Favorite number: I’ve got a thing for even numbers but can’t say I have a favorite.
  • Favorite drink: As much as I love my coffee, TEA.
  • Facebook/Twitter Locations: Facebook / Twitter
  • Favorite passion: Reading. I’ll read almost anything and love escaping into other worlds.
  • Giving or Receiving: Giving, definitely.
  • Favorite pattern: I have to agree with Brinda on this answer…Toile. There’s just something elegant and romantic about it to me.
  • Favorite day of the week: Sunday.
  • Favorite flower: Tiger Lily. It was my grandmother’s favorite. According to her it meant ‘wealth and pride’ and she always said we were family wealthy and country proud. I don’t know if she was right but it struck a cord that remains today.

Fabulous Blog Ribbon

Five fabulous writing moments:

  1. Having the amazing Joely Sue Burkhart take me under her wing and meet me D&E every morning.
  2. The spark of a new idea.
  3. When it all comes together, like a jigsaw puzzle not missing any pieces.
  4. When the right word comes without help from the Thesaurus.
  5. Writing “the end” on a first draft.

Five things I love about writing…

  1. Brainstorming a new idea.
  2. Characters who won’t shut up.
  3. Getting in the zone and not being able to stop.
  4. The fabulous writers I’ve meet online!
  5. Learning something new with each draft.

Five things I hate about writing…

  1. Characters who won’t shut up.
  2. Revisions.
  3. Not finding that missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle.
  4. Edits.
  5. Oh, and more edits.

I’m going to take a page out of Brinda’s book and award both the Sunshine Award and the Fabulous Blog Ribbon to five writers. And because she says it so wonderfully…

Why? Because these writers certainly spread sunshine with their words. Their blogs are wonderful, and they are Fabulous Blog Ribbon worthy. They are welcome to indulge us with answers to the questions above if they like. Please go visit these bloggers and see why they are so special!

Natalie Hartford
Melanie Macek
Nadja Notariani
August McLaughin
Claire Hennessy