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I got nothing, zip, nada, zilch done this week.

It’s been one of those weeks. Y’all may remember our upstairs A/C unit blew up — which isn’t much of an exaggeration as the repair guy said we were lucky it didn’t result in a house fire — a few weeks ago, well, this week the downstairs A/C unit decided it was its turn. The ol’ wallet took one look at that repair guy and ran screaming from the room, leaving a trail of coins (just like a scared mouse leaves a trail of poop when it runs, LOL). We simply followed the trail of coins it left.

That was followed by replacing a fan, the kitchen facet, and a few other small repairs. By the time our storage freezer said it saw the light yesterday, the ol’ wallet was huddled in a corner petting itself and muttering, “Precious, my precious.”

Perhaps it is due to having one son heading to 8th grade in a few weeks — our eyes turning toward high school and beyond, and the activities which help that academic resume — but we’ve been watching a lot of Olympic coverage, more so than I can remember in recent years. Water Polo has struck a cord in #2. We’ll be looking into the local team this coming week. One kid down, three to go. Hey, with four…can we say, scholarship?

I’ll leave you with some linkage…

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See the Olympic reference wasn’t completely out of the blue 😉

Yay, there’s a reason I don’t work well under self-imposed deadlines. However, for those deadlines we can’t avoid, August McLaughlin has some great tips for sharpening creativity under pressure.

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