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Beastie Girl, just because she’s so stinkin’ cute.

I’d love to say we’ve been busy having fun but, no. I’d love to say I’ve been sucked so deep into my story I’m barely coming up for air but, no. I’d love to say we’re as ready as we can be for school but, no. I am counting down the days, though 😀

It’s been a spinning of wheels type of week.

All that being said, I did do a first read through of the two stories sitting here patiently waiting. The authors, on the other hand, perhaps not so patiently. Profuse apologies Mel and Angela!! However, I still need to write up my notes then read through a second time to make sure the notes still apply as first reading was wee beastie interruptus.

I need my schedule back! If nothing else, this summer has proved to me how much I need a routine.