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Is that a fun name or what?!

This is something I grew up eating. Every visit to my grandparents involved eating this at least once. Strangely enough, it wasn’t something I attempted for my family…prior to the Olympics.

We were watching some food around London type show and they featured Bubble and Squeak with Bangers. Yum, and fond memories. The wee beasties thought it sounded worth a try. As any parent knows, strike when the iron is hot!

(That’s actually a Bratwurst, which I had on hand, not a Banger. Now, here’s the crazy. That Man, who is of German ancestry, can’t stand Bratwurst. Who knew? LOL)

First off, there is no true recipe for this dish. It is very much a way of using leftovers. But I remembered having a hand written scribble of Nana’s process. So here goes…

I didn’t have leftovers so pulled out a package of California blend frozen veggies, thawed, and ran a knife through to chop.

Approximately 4 tablespoons of butter, or 2 of butter with 2 of olive oil
Onion, finely chopped
Leftover veg, finely chopped
Leftover mashed potato
Salt and Pepper
Clove of garlic, minced, if preparing for dinner

In a large frying pan saute the onion, add veggies and garlic, turning to warm the veggies. Add potato, fry about 10 minutes, turning a couple times to coat with butter — Goal is to brown the outside edges like hash browns, not to burn. Then press mixture into the base of pan and cook 1 minute, flip and repeat. This is the part where you’ll see where the name comes from πŸ™‚

My memory of this dish was that it came out of the pan whole, almost like a pancake, but I wasn’t able to achieve that. So I may have been impatient — no surprise there — didn’t have the heat high or low enough, or was simply using the wrong frying pan. The lack of presentation didn’t effect the taste…yum.

Wee Beastie Rating:

😈 😈 😈

Note: This is also a great dish for breakfast, or breakfast for dinner, and lunch when served with a fried egg.

(Psst, Joely, no one complained about the dreaded cauliflower, well, except for the one wee beastie who didn’t like the dish, LOL)