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If not for the fact the fine folks who designed Scrivener might mind, I think I’d change the title on all my Sunday posts. It is, at least today, apt.

My Scrivener class with Gwen Hernandez runs all month. The first week really didn’t net me any new information but it granted me the chance to play in the program without the pressure of drafting or editing. But the tide is shifting and I was inspired to…gasp…open my WIP projects. I know! I don’t want to think about how long they have been languishing on my laptop, LOL.

Even better, Friday and yesterday, I actually WORKED on my WIP. Well, one at least. It is massive, requiring massive amounts of rewrites and revisions and edits, oh my. My goal is for this story to be the first of a trilogy. Books two and three have their own projects too, and even have a scene or two already roughed out.

What brought this miracle about?

Well, the link to Hope Ramsay’s post about using Scrivener for plotting on the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog showed up on the class loop. (Super writing pal Melanie Macek also emailed it to me. Thanks for having my back doll!) Hope’s post talks about her process and how she uses Scrivener to complete it.

This all happened about the time Gwen had a lesson up on the Label, Status, and Keyword features. All customizable to individual process. Now, I had played with the labels and status a bit. I knew keywords could be applied to documents.

But suddenly, BAM, of Emeril quality, it clicked. As fast as I could mouse over, I opened my WIP. I changed the Labels to POV, Status to the stages of the Hero’s Journey, and added keywords to track characters and plots. Pets the pretty. BAM!

Pardon my infomercial…But wait, there’s more!

Gwen was over on the Murder She Writes blog talking about her Scrivener for Dummies book right before the class started. In the comments, Gwen mentioned getting her children started with the program for their academic papers. Hello! (And look out wee beasties. This better than the SpongeBob Squarepants Typing program y’all learned to type with.) In class, Gwen mentioned she uses Scrivener for her blog posts, tracking productivity, etc. I’ve been using the simple Draft template for my Morning Pages. There’s even a recipe template!!

I was in love with the program before but now I’m seeing its potential in new ways. The class has paid for itself πŸ™‚

Have you tried Scrivener?

If not, what is your go-to writing program?