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I’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon.

Perhaps, in part, because I didn’t take part in ROW80 last round. I love that challenge…the writing challenge that knows you have a life. And while it is great for accountability, I found myself actually writing less and just trying to keep up with the social media, the blog reading and commenting, and simply maintaining my blog.

And then it happened. Life. Things got crazy, priorities shifted, and the creative well hit a drought. I started doing Morning Pages in an attempt to at least write every day. Even that is hit and miss.

We’re back to stating our intent with ROW80 for the final round of the year. I’m on the fence. On one hand, the accountability is awesome. On the other, if I’m going to ever publish…I have to write.

As I mentioned Sunday, I have opened my WIP files for the first time in what feels like forever…which I know is closer to a month by the modify dates on the files, LOL.

The thing is, I have discovered from past experience that accountability goals are easier to do and meet when I’m drafting. Revisions and rewrites and edits, not so much.

That life thing, still crazy. Most of which I’m not in a spot to share. And I’m distracted.


Dusts off bum.

Grabs the tailgate.