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In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya…”Let me ‘splain. [pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”



About two years into our move to Vegas for That Man’s job, he was laid off. Luckily for us, he was able to land another job within a month. However, he took a pay cut to do so. At the time we were just happy he HAD a job and figured with belt tightening and some creativity we would survive until the industry picked up and he was once again earning a decent wage.

That Man is extremely generous, with his time and talent and often monitory. I love this about him. He’s also somewhat old fashioned and has always dreamed of supporting our family so I could be a stay-at-home mother. The amount of his pay cut prevented this from being a reality yet he struggled, often silently, to maintain it.

Fast forward to this summer:

In a week that could have been a scene from the old Airplane movie, y’all know the one, “I picked a bad week to quit X,” it was hammered home just how much That Man had been hiding.

Thus began my job hunt. Oy. The economy sucks. There’s not a lot out there, especially for someone who has been out of the work force for five years. Positions I was more than qualified for weren’t interested because of the employed gap. Positions I was qualified for but in an industry I didn’t have experience in weren’t interested because of that lack of industry experience. And then there were the scams!

I’ve never encountered so many scams. There were an extremely depressing couple of weeks where the only responses I received were scams. PSA: while there are some legit reasons for a business to run a credit check on employees it is NOT something that should ever happen PRIOR to your interview. Ugh. I lost count of the number of “positions that would require me to handle large sums of cash and it was company policy to run credit checks.”

I got mad too. I flagged every last ad that resulted in one of these scam like responses.

This week:

Finally, while I was in Oregon no less, I was called in for a legitimate interview. Whew. I had a first interview on Thursday, a second on Friday, and on Saturday I picked up my uniform. I start Monday!

So, now I’ll have to juggle my writing around not just family stuff but work. However, it was like the entire house sighed in relief when I got the call back Friday that I had the job.

That was some of the personal stress going on behind the scenes. The stuff I hadn’t been ready to share.


I’m still on the fence about ROW80 R4. I think I’ll get this first week of work under my belt then see where things stand.

Coyote Con:

The panels are in place. I’ll be working with Joely this week to finalize the schedule so be looking for it to appear on the Coyote Con site soon. The chat rooms are up, you can register through WordPress, Facebook, or Google. It’s coming together!

What’s happening in YOUR world?