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  • Dark: Mum’s moving. I crack open an eye. Walk? Go to the closet for your runners. Yes! She cocks her head at the door. I get up and stretch. We tiptoe out of the room so we don’t wake Dad.
  • Dawn: Mum tells me to do my business while she laces her runners. Who does she think I am, a dog?
  • Mum’s humming that Dog Walk Song again. Great, now I have it stuck in my head. I don’t get the fire hydrant thing at all. We have one in front of the house and it is no fun. It doesn’t do anything when I bark at it. I can’t chase it. No fun at all.
  • We’re back. Mum gets me fresh water then gets some for herself. At least her priorities are right. She dumps a scoop of dry stuff in my bowl. This is all I get? Tank’s mum cooks his breakfast! I sit and look pointedly at the refrigerator. I know she saved drippings from last night’s chicken for me. She laughs but warms up the drippings for me. Good Mum.
  • She takes her coffee and goes upstairs. I better follow.
  • Ah-ha. She’s at the computer. Tap. Tap. Tap. I curl up next to her feet. The two-legged pups are still quiet. I can get a couple minutes of quiet.
  • Something crashes downstairs. I go investigate. Sniff. The two-legged pups eat this stuff? I make my rounds and get pets from everyone. #1 pup yells at #2 pup. Sigh. I wish I could tell time. When do they leave? Oh, here comes Mum.
  • I sit and hold up the end of the sofa while chaos ensues. Crazy pups.
  • There’s Dad. I wiggle-walk over to him. My tail is wagging so fast I’m walking sideways. He makes funny sounds at me. Silly Dad.
  • Dad lectures the pups and leaves. Mum leaves. I don’t like this new thing she calls a job.
  • The pups leave. I check the house. The rodents are quiet. Mornings are exhausting. Nap time.
  • Mum! I jump and twist and she tries to pet me. I missed you! Wait. Sniff. What’s this smell on you? Sniff. Sniff. Did you pick it up at that job thing? I don’t like it. Lick. But I’m too happy to see you to worry about it today. Lick.
  • Mum decides the road isn’t too hot so we walk down to the bus stop to meet the pups. I’m such a good girl. I sit pretty. Oh, here comes the bus. I stand, tail wagging. Puppies, you’re back!
  • The pups and I chase each other and play fetch. We roll around on the floor. They share their snacks with me. Good pups.
  • Mum gets the pups doing homework and starts making dinner. I lay in the middle of the kitchen floor where it’s cool. Mum laughs and says I look like a bear rug.
  • Dad’s back! Lick. He talks silly talk to me. Lick. We play fetch. Dad’s better at the game than the pups.
  • Dinner. More dry stuff for me. Blah. Dad sneaks me a bite. Yum.
  • Twilight: Mum and I sit outside in the cool breeze. She tells me what a good girl I am and gives me loves.
  • Dark: Dad sends pups to bed. Mum, Dad, and I go to bed. I rest my head on Mum’s leg. Walk again tomorrow? She pets my head. Sigh. Life is good.