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My work schedule is random enough that grabbing dedicated writing time is more miss than hit. I’m sure it will even out eventually. What that adds up to for you is that I haven’t finalized the Meet the Cards post for today.

Instead, here are some posts which rocked my world recently.

Jenny Hansen is a must read for me and posts like Can One Person Make a Difference? is one reason why. Recently, Jenny had Lisa Hall Wilson over with this post on Fun Facebook Tricks.

Maria Zannini is another must read for me, she keeps things real with posts like Yellow Jacket Attack, and she’ll also be a panelist in this weekend’s Coyote ConWriting Sex Scenes.

On Maria’s Back to Basics blog I found this great recipe for Healthy Homemade Dog CookiesBeastie Girl approved. Maria also had this amazing tip on Recycling Pour Tops. Be sure to like The Frugal Way on Facebook for great deals. Maria does her research!

Natalie Hartford is a guaranteed laugh most days of the week like this post, on a product we’ve all likely seen advertized, Worlds Collide: Pajamas and Jeans. Every Friday, however, this amazingly dedicated woman puts a personal face on the victims of drunk driving. Check out this great product doing double duty as support for a worthy cause — Recovery Tags.

Brinda Berry has a regular feature, Social Media Savvy with Sanity, on Gloria Richard’s blog and this week was more on Facebook — This is a Test. This Is Only a Facebook Test.

As part of Coyote Con, this Sunday is my Tarot in Writing panel with the amazing Diana Castle, who you’ve seen me mention here on the blog under her pen name of Jenna Reynolds. The panel starts at 11 AM EASTERN time (AKA New York time). Diane and I hope to see you there 😀