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There’s a story in my family from when my sister was just a wee thing. She might have been three or four.

Our father had one of those Lazy Boy recliners all good fathers had in the late sixties or early seventies. He worked long, long hours thus when Sunday rolled around you could find him planted in that recliner watching whatever sport happened to be on. Usually doodling house plans (my parents still live in the realization of one of those plans).

My sister sneaked up next to Dad one day while he was in his sports-zone. “Daddy?” She must have received the ‘yes’ grunt. “Do you like doggies?”


She wondered away for a bit only to tip-toe back up to him. “Daddy? Do you like puppies?”

At this, Dad is said to have cracked open an eye and hesitatingly reply, “Yes.”

“Mary has a dog and she had a puppy! Can we get the puppy? Pleeaassee.” (Of course, I’m picturing Puss-in-Boots as I hear that drawn out please.)

Needless to say, we got the puppy. An adorable black Toy Poodle named Tiffany.

One of the wee beasties’ favorite books is An Octopus Followed Me Home by Dan Yaccarino. I don’t remember how we stumbled across it but our copy is well loved.

In the spirit of the book…

A rabbit followed #2 home Wednesday night!

Apparently, #2 was playing with a friend up the street. They saw the rabbit but it ran away when they tried to get close. Yet when #2 started home, his friend called to him…the rabbit followed, traveling from bush to bush. By the time #2 reached our house the rabbit boldly hopped about a foot behind the kiddo.

It’s obviously a pet. A neighbor saw it a couple days prior to this. We’ve done what we can (put up flyers, notified shelters and animal hospitals, etc.) and now it’s a waiting game.

However, That Man and I are hearing…Can we keep him? Pretty please.

If no one comes forward we will. Introducing BUGS…

The picture doesn’t do him justice. He’s most likely a Chinchilla mix and about two years old. Other than being on the skinny side (we estimate he’d been on his own for a week before we took him in), he’s healthy.

Thus the menagerie grows, and grows, LOL.

Has an animal ever followed you home? Do you have any bunny tales?