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That in which not enough writing or blog visiting or social media updating has occurred.

And I must say, I’m bummed about that.

The day job — I haven’t decided if it is eeeevil yet — has a very random schedule, think retail, and I’m learning it’s not my thing. Hats off to those of you who work the crazy hours and thrive! Plus there’s the whole trying to fit everything in on the days off. I’d grown soft, LOL.

I have been reading, lots of stand around and wait periods this week, mostly novellas. I finally got around to Joely Sue Burkhart’s The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch — She’s donating to the Joplin, MO rebuilding effort so picking this up is for a good cause, not just a great read. So here’s a mini for y’all —

Why I picked it up? :snort: I pick up everything Joely writes.

What I liked? I thoroughly enjoyed the paranormal spin on a category romance. Seriously, I’m not a zombie fan. Only Joely could get me to read a zombie story and enjoy it. All her trademarks are present: fascinating characters, sacrificial love, tantalizing sex, and not pulling punches when it comes to making her characters work for their HEA.

What I disliked? While this story was fun and had the emotional ride I’ve come to expect from Joely’s stories it perhaps wasn’t as intense. And I can’t even say that’s really a dislike.

On the writing front, I do have two — count ’em, two — sets of characters clamoring at me. One smart aleck character even suggested I work on his story with one hand and the other guy’s story with the other! :headdesk: But isn’t that always the way? You get crazy busy and the creative comes alive. I did work on both a bit this week, just not as much as either my characters or I would have liked.

That Man is on vacation, thus, the blog will have a short hiatus this week. I’m wishing all y’all in the states a very wonderful Thanksgiving! Catch ya on the flip side (25th or 27th).