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Hope y’all had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Not having local family members to visit or cook for on Thanksgiving means we often have a quiet day. This year the topic of traditions came up.

That Man and I, thankfully, grew up with very similar traditions which made the merging of our lives fairly painless. Of course, we’ve also developed some of our own.

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving for That Man until he’s watched —

and it has become a tradition for us the night before Thanksgiving. And, in my male dominated house, football is a must on the day.

For me, as long as Christmas isn’t encroaching on Thanksgiving I’m good πŸ˜€

However, the minute that dinner is over, the food put away, I’m ready to settle in with my dessert and watch —

(And it has to be the black and white version!) Then Christmas may start.

What must you watch or do on Thanksgiving to make it complete?