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Wait. What happened to the rest of the year?


First off, let me apologize for missing Thursday’s regularly scheduled Tarot post. Heck, for missing Thursday all together! 😳

Oldest swiped my laptop Tuesday night for a school project and I was just too busy with my crazy work schedule to bother with getting it back from him. It wasn’t until Friday morning that I realized I’d never hit ‘publish’ on the post. Blogging fail. Sigh. It’s scheduled now for this upcoming Thursday.

Gaian-Tarot-HermitAnd then all the stuff I missed just from being offline for two days… There’s just no way to catch up. I bow to you masters of social media. I guess I’m more Hermit than I thought, LOL

Plus side, I did actually WORK on a story this week. I spent a nice chunk of Tuesday (day off from EDJ — yep, I decided it is eeeevil) going through a story, made notes on what happens in each scene and chapter, and started a TO-DO list of glaring errors.

Still love the characters. Even if the hero of this story is one of the wiseguys who started yammering at me a few weeks ago… He has no idea what his ‘squeaky wheel’ attitude has inspired. 😈

I spent Friday writing up and scheduling blog posts. Hopefully, I’ve given myself enough of a cushion to avoid any more random dead-air days.

‘Tis the season…That Man put up about half our outdoor Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving (one of my family’s traditions pressed upon him, LOL). The wee beasties are itching to pull out the rest of the decorations so come next weekend we can get our tree.

How was your week? And, if you celebrate Christmas, when do you start decorating?