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Until the Big Guy arrives.

Santa-ClausUsually, by this time in the season, I’ve got the entire house decorated. We’ve bought our fresh — from Oregon, no less — tree and decorated it while singing Christmas songs and drinking way more hot chocolate than the human body should consume in one day.

Usually, by this time in the season, I’ve been baking cookies and other such yumminess for about month!

15 Sleeps To Go.


We did, at least, buy the tree yesterday. Everything else…not so much.

There isn’t even much to show for this past week. It’s been one of work (EDJ), helping with homework (Why do the teachers assign crazy big assignments all at the same time? Times FOUR!), and my one day off from EDJ was eaten up with a trip to the eye doctor — but I can see again, woot!

Are you ready for the Big Guy’s arrival?