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I’ve been a slug. Not writing. Not visiting blogs. Not being very active on the whole.

Oh sure, I can say I’ve been slammed at work. True. That my work schedule is all over the place thus hard to develop a routine. Also true. I can even say that the ol’ home life is crazy. But when isn’t it? A husband, Seven scouring mice, Six crazy schedules, Five gold rings (I’m sure I could find if I tried really hard), Four boys making their lists, Three large rodents (two guinea pigs and a rabbit), two turtles, and a Beastie Girl…it almost sounds like the 12 Days of Christmas, LOL

I woke up Wednesday with “this has to change” running through my mind. Then I saw this: Fake It Until You Make It. Yep. Needed that kick in the pants. Even my own post on Thursday, Seven of Water, talked about saying ‘no’ to the good, in order to say ‘yes’ to the great. Yep. Needed that kick in the pants, too.

Time to get back to basics.

Wednesday, I forced myself to do my Flylady routines, something I’d let slide when I took the job and realized just how crazy my schedule would be. I even had a short Twitter conversation…shocking, I know. I even did some decking of the halls. It’s still not up to the usual level of decorating but at least we’re looking a bit more like Christmas around here.

Thursday, I did my Flylady routines, made sure I drank some water, and I OPENED a file. Got sidetracked working on said file but at least I opened it!

Friday, I did my Flylady routines, drank more water without it being a struggle, and did some baking.

Saturday, I was a slug again though I did do my Flylady routines and some reading.

And it feels great to actually do something. Baby steps. I need to be accountable again.

My goals this week:

  1. Continue with the Flylady routines, adding jobs each day
  2. Spend an hour each day working on writing, I have to open a file and do something even if it’s just re-reading what I have
  3. If I get the daily writing done, spend an hour visiting blogs and/or social media

How do you pick up the pieces?