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What I See:

Gaian-Tarot-Seven-AirHike up into the clouds or follow the river? I definitely get a sense of the Air element with this card. Air is the strategist, the thinker, the communicator. Just like the map this hiker is holding, Air (Swords) “cut through confusion and get straight to the point” (Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner). He has a guide with the map yet he pauses, his route is not set in stone.

I won’t get into the whole pantser vs. plotter debate but it’s hard to miss the symbolism in the image on this card.

General Air element/Sword suit:

Please refer back to the Ace of Air.

Light (upright) Reading:

Consider alternate routes as you strategize the next step of your journey.

  • Keywords: Apology, Constructive Criticism, Wit, or ‘Coming Out’.

Shadow (upside down or reverse) Reading:

Beware of over planning.

  • Keywords: Guile, Thievery, Futility, or Deception.


Like so many of the cards in this deck, a plot revolving around nature is the first thing that comes to my mind. A hiker, camper, mountain biker, etc. With the river on the map, perhaps a white water rafting trip.

Is he lost? An explorer? Is he even on Earth?

How about a dreamer, someone with their head in the clouds?

  • Seven Themes: Initiation, Focus, Inner Work, Setting Intentions, or Self-awareness.

Traditionally, this card shows a man carrying seven swords with tents in the background. Perhaps a more medieval story, or a reenactment? Is the man a squire in charge of preparing the weapons for battle? Maybe the man is stealing the swords? He could be a double agent.


Plan yet leave room for spontaneity.

  • Suit Archetype/Feudal Class: Nobility, Warrior, and Political class.

Additionally, look up one of the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) for personality traits.

For more information on the Sevens in general, please refer back to the Seven of Water.

Image: Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert from Llewellyn Worldwide