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And it must be time for a new set of goals.

ROW80Logo2012 went out with a whimper for me. Even with fabulous posts like Shan Jeniah’s Relax. Revel. Appreciate. Repeat and Joely’s Fake It Until You Make It (that spoke to me on many levels), I lost steam somewhere along the way and no amount of kicking my own arse (a challenge in and of itself, let me tell you) got me going again.

Perhaps, simply NOT taking part in ROW80 was the culprit.

I did get bogged down in the social media and the blog reading/commenting to the point of NOT writing. And did that muscle atrophied fast! Add EDJ on top of family commitments… Sigh.

It’s a new week. A new month. A new year. A new start.

In the mindset of the KISS principle, my goal this week is:

  • Write 250 words (or edit for an hour) every day

Call it my test mile, if you will.

Additionally, my goal for this Round is:

In the mindset of the Flylady, my overarching plan is to add more goals each week…baby steps and the rebuilding of habits.

Do you have a new goal or resolution for 2013?