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And it wasn’t too bad of a week at all.

  • 250 words per day…yep, as Morning Pages but still 250 words (or more in a couple cases) every day this week.
  • Deep EDITS lessons — in the Welcome lesson, we were instructed to:
  1. Select five chapters from a WIP and print them out. Check.
  2. Copy and paste all the worksheets into a computer file, and print all the worksheets. Check.
  3. Create a schedule for reviewing the lectures and doing the assignments. Check.
    *** I plan to work on the lessons Monday through Friday. Each lesson is broken in three “Building Blocks.” Monday mornings will be used for reading the entire lesson. Evenings will be devoted to completing the actual assignments and worksheets. I believe it will work out to Editing Points on Monday, Rhetorical Devices (this appears to be the heaviest worksheet area) on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the EDITS System on Thursday and Friday.
  4. Create a Plan B schedule for when life interferes. Check.
    *** The backup plan will be to catch up on Saturday as needed. However, I reserve the right to focus on the Editing Points and/or EDITS System if I become overwhelmed or a story grabs me by the throat.

Possibly more info than you want or need but now that it’s out there I have to follow through, right? 😀

This week’s goals are simply:

  • Write 250 words (or edit for an hour) every day.
  • Complete all the worksheets and assignments for Lesson One of Margie Larson’s Deep EDITS lecture packet.

How was your week?

You can cheer on my fellow ROWers here.